“Maalauksia” A group exhibition of paintings by Eemil Karila, Kalle Leino, Elisabeth Mladenov, Olli Piippo and Janne Räisänen
WIP Konsthall, Stockholm, September 2012

Painting exists in a unique cultural space. It has a traditional significance and financial prestige above any other art form. But what does all this mean to artists working in the medium today, to painters?
How does the recognition of so much that came before reappear in contemporary work? How do artists choose to register what it means to work as a painter? Is there some translation of the paintings unique position to the works of art themselves, on to the canvas? Is some fine tuned self-consciousness of being a painter even necessary for creating meaningful works of art in the current art historical moment? Can this conceptual framing be done alongside the production of art works that as objects are an end in themselves?
These are some of the questions the group show “Maalauksia” is seeking to ask by exhibiting the work of a group of painters, that do not really function as a group in the traditional sense, but rather produce paintings with greatly diverging aims and influences.
The works range from abstract and expressionist influences in the works of Leino, Piippo and Räisänen to Mladenov’s experimental research on the structure of canvas and Karila’s conceptually framed installation.